Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances

The Ulster University Extenuating Circumstances process gives students the chance to ask the exam board to consider things in their personal life which will have or have had an impact on an assessment they took.

Extenuating Circumstances (EC1)

If you have had personal or medical difficulties, which have prevented you from attending an exam, completing your work on time or completing your work to the best of your ability, then you may be able to submit an EC1 form due to extenuating circumstances.  You have to complete a form and provide evidence of your circumstances to your course director within 5 working days of the submission date of the coursework or exam.

EC1 evidence for a medical condition should come from your GP and evidence of having received counselling or therapeutic support needs to be provided by your counsellor or therapist.

You can download the EC1 form from the Ulster University Student Guide or by clicking through this link Extenuating circumstances

UUSU have written a quick guide on what you need to know before submitting an Extenuating Circumstances claim. This isn’t a substitute for advice, so we recommend getting in touch with us if you’re about to submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim, using our Contact Form 

Quick facts about applying for Extenuating Circumstances at Ulster University

What can I appeal on?

You can submit a claim if something unexpected, significantly disruptive and beyond your control interfered with your assessment in your performance.

When can I submit a claim?

You can submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim within 5 working days of the submission date of the coursework or exam.

I’ve missed the deadline?

If you’ve missed the deadline you will need to submit an appeal. We’ve written advice on appeals which you can read here HYPERLINK

EC1 form

See link below: “Other Links”

Average length of process

24 calendar days

Don’t like the outcome?

You can appeal the decision; more information below


Here is a bit more info…

The extenuating circumstances form is quite straight forward, it asks you for your information, what your extenuating circumstances are and how they have affected your studies. They also ask you to attach evidence to your form.


The evidence will be different depending on your issues. The better the evidence and source thereof, the more likely your request will be. Try to ensure your evidence comes from Professionals, e.g., Health Care Professionals such as your GP. Gathering the right evidence can be tricky so feel free to get in touch if you’d like some more detailed advice. Remember, your GP may not be able to provide written evidence free of charge and also bear in mind you only have 5 working days to submit your EC1, so time is really of the essence!

Please be aware that Self Certification is not allowed.

Submitting the Form

The completed form, together with any supporting documentation, must be presented to your Course/Subject Director, except in the Faculty of Computing and Engineering where forms should be submitted to School Offices and a receipt obtained.

What happens next?

Your submission will be considered through the appropriate channels and the outcome communicated to you. If the evidence is accepted, you will be given the opportunity to be assessed on a further occasion in the appropriate examination(s) or coursework. Please note that a successful outcome will always involve further assessment in the module(s) concerned; the examiners will not give you additional marks to compensate for your extenuating circumstances.


You can submit an Extenuating Circumstances claim within 5 working days of the submission date of the coursework or exam.

What can the UUSU Advice Bureau do for me during the Appeals process?

•                     Advise you on the process

•                     Help you structure your form and the reasons for your EC claim

•                     Read over your form and suggest any changes

•                     Refer you directly to Student Support for emotional and wellbeing support

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