Extenuating Circumstances

What are Extenuating Circumstances (EC1)?

  • Extenuating Circumstances at Ulster University is more commonally known at an EC1 or the EC1 process.
  • Anything that prevented you from sitting an exam or submitting part/ all of your coursework by the deadline (an absence) might be extenuating.
  • If you sat an exam or submitted coursework but you know your performance was negatively impacted by the extenuating circumstances. 
  • Anything unforeseeable/ preventable such as injury, bereavement etc.

Read the UU guidance here

The EC1 Form

*For the remainder of the 20/21 academic year EC1 forms will cover a period of 10 working days.

If you have had personal or medical difficulties then can submit an EC1 form to your course director within 10 working days of the submission date of the coursework/exam but ideally as soon as possible.

In recognition of the waiting lists to see a doctor, students can self cert for up to 5 days of absence. Other EC1 evidence for a medical condition should come from your GP or other healthcare provider if you require longer than 10 days.

To read our EC1 Guide click here.