Fitness for Practice

Fitness to Practice Guide 

The Fitness to Practice process is in place to determine if you are fit for a profession arising from academic, behavioural or health reasons. This is to ensure that you are suited to your career of choice. 

Fitness to Practice is designed to protect the interest of the public by safeguarding patients/clients who may be vulnerable or potentially vulnerable. It is also in place to ensure students do not proceed into an unsuitable career or one which a regulatory body may not register you.

Click here to read more. Please get in touch with The Advice Bureau for support during your Fitness to Practice.

Precautionary Suspension

The Dean of Faculty may choose to suspend you pending a fuller investigation, particularly if you have displayed inappropriate behaviour while on or about to proceed to clinical placement. During the suspension you will still be allowed access to the University and UUSU, including Student Wellbeing and The Advice Bureau.

Students may be considered unfit to practise on the grounds of:

(a) physical or mental health reasons;

(b) criminal or other serious misconduct;

(c) unprofessional conduct or action;

(d) unsuitability for the academic and/or practise demands of the professional education.


After an investigation if you are unhappy with the outcome of the Panel you may appeal. An appeal will only be considered on the following grounds:

  1. That new evidence is made available that was not previously seen
  2. That there has been a procedural irregularity
  3. That the decision of the Panel was inappropriate or too severe.


An appeal should be made through the PVC (Education) within 10 working days of receiving the Panel’s decision. They will subsequently set up an Appeal Board. An appeal will be considered within 28 working days of appeal being lodged.