FAQs Coming on Campus

Coming on Campus

I don’t know where to start!

No problem! Get in touch with UUSU and let us know how we can help, or we can direct you to the correct service/ Department. UUSU is running a fully digital offering for students and a small cohort of staff will be on each campus to help you so please drop by.

What will semester two look like?

The situation is fluid and constantly changing however what we do know is that teaching will be primarily online.

Modules have been categorised by priority and those that require some face to face teaching have been identified. This will be communicated shortly and short bursts of campus time will be facilitated.

Ulster University’s FAQs can be viewed here. If you experience any issues this coming semester please contact the Advice Bureau. Advice Bureau


Societies Information

There are a number of digital platforms where you can host events and do all the fab and excellent work that our societies are acclaimed for. If you are considering an event that you would like to host on campus, please get in touch with your Student Activities Coordinator who will ask you to complete a Activity / Event Plan form. Each activity/event will be considered individually in line with the guidance in place at that time.
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Your Education

More than ever your experience inside the classroom or as a home learner is being consistently monitored by the student voice team. We have the majority of Course Reps in place who will work with School and Faculty Reps to act as the collective voice around your learning and your teaching. If your course or school is not represented please contact us.

Officers and UUSU staff continue to represent and share your feedback across influential working groups and committees. Please keep us updated on your experience through the academic rep structure and through Unitu, the digital student feedback platform which is new to UU for this year.

While our campus profile will be limited we will continue to fully represent, support and connect with all our members digitally and face to face when possible. VP Education, Nicole Parkinson Kelly (vp.education@uusu.org), officer team and student voice team are all easily accessible.
Student Officer Team



My mental health is being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. What can I do?

It is more important than ever to look after your mental and physical health. While many things are outside of your control there are some things you can do that can help ease your anxiety:

  • Eat well because diet is directly linked to your mood.
  • Exercise is known to boost feelings of wellbeing, Sport Services at Ulster University are back up and running so why not get involved? (Please note lockdowns or new restrictions may be in place and affect offering).
  • Prioritise sleep, this is when our bodies and minds rest and replenish. The NHS have a dedicated webpage on getting good sleep.
  • Talk to someone, if not friends or family then use the services below to get the help you need.

The Student Wellbeing Service can be contacted here.

If you are in crisis or despair, you can contact Lifeline on 0808 808 8000 or the Samaritans on 116123. The Office of National Statistics reported in August 2020 that 1 in 5 adults now have depression as a direct result of lockdown measures and Covid19 stress. You are not alone and there are services to help you in UUSU and Student Wellbeing.

Learn more about UUSU Sports!

Quarantine/ Local Lockdowns

Some international students will be required to quarantine upon arrival to Northern Ireland and this isolation can put a strain on an already stressful time. We also know that local students fear ‘localised lockdowns’, and what this will mean for their studies. The NHS have a helpful online guide to assist with practical planning, mental health, sleep and more.


Worried about renting privately?

UUSU Advice Bureau have a dedicated webpage for students renting privately here outlining your rights, common issues we see and when and where to seek assistance.

Please be very cautious about signing a new tenancy agreement, individual landlords or large-scale student accommodation providers rarely include a break clause in their contracts meaning you are liable for the full rent.

The Department for Communities has produced a guidance booklet for those renting privately that you can read here.

Any support for On-Campus living?

UU announced 50 vouchers valued at £1000 to encourage students from lower income households to apply for university-approved purpose built student accommodation. Learn more about accommodation voucher here.

Money Matters at Uni

I’m worried about my finances!

Get your year off to the best start by budgeting effectively for your studies. Student Wellbeing provide some useful tips on money management or book to see a financial adviser.

The Money Advice Service is a government backed guidance programme and they have launched a dedicated student section for study during this time, this useful guide includes frequently asked student questions including renting, student finance and fees, post grad study and work.
Money Advice Service guidance

I’m in financial difficulty, what can I do?

Do not panic, there is a Support Fund for students in hardship. You can find out more here.

I cannot afford equipment as I lost my job.

Ulster University are providing a Technology Fund for students unable to afford their own laptops-more information can be found here.

Placement Year

I’m confused by my options

Your options include completing the usual placement, but you will now have until the 1st December 2020 to start your placement. Therefore, if you enrol in final year and an opportunity comes up then you can pause your studies for your placement.

You will pay £2185 for your placement year.

You have the secondary choice of enrolling in the part time Civic and Economic Recovery module in Semester 1 combined with online mentoring and completion of a subject-specific civic/economic recovery challenge. You will then complete a minimum 15 weeks professional placement in Semester 2, if you do not secure a placement then you will take a Leave of Absence (so as not to incur fees!) and you will have earned an additional 20 credits. If you are interested in this option (with a view to complete final year in 21/22 then please contact your Course Director).

You will pay £546.25 for semester 1 and the study of the module, if you secure a placement in semester 2 you will pay the remaining £1638.75, otherwise you will take a Leave of Absence for semester 2 and return to study in September 2021.

I need to apply for Student Finance but what if I manage to secure a placement?

While there has been no formal guidance released it would be better to plan for the worst-case scenario and so you should consider applying for full final year tuition fees. Student Finance are aware some students may secure late placements and if that happens you need to inform them immediately, and your payment will be adjusted. Students may struggle on a placement year finance option to survive to December.

If you have a confirmed placement then please ensure you’ve selected the correct finance option.

I am due to attend on campus teaching but cannot attend-what do I do?

If you cannot attend teaching due to:

  • Local Restriction in your home town
  • Showing symptoms of coronavirus
  • A NHS track and trace alert that you have been in contact with a person with coronavirus

You must immediately inform your Course Director by an email marked ‘urgent’, indicating:

  • the nature and timing of self-isolation/restrictions
  • the date and time of the campus-based teaching session(s), the associated module/course and module coordinator.
  • any pending campus-based assessment deadlines that may not be achievable. If you have to miss this campus-based assessment deadline then please complete and submit an EC1 form.

I cannot attend an on-campus teaching session that includes an assessment, because of Coronavirus. What should I do?

After sharing details with your Course Director, you will be asked to complete an EC1 form for extenuating circumstances. Your Course team will aim to provide you with another on-campus session later on in the semester. It is possible that an alternative date may have to be offered in semester 2 or 3. In this case, you will simply defer the assessment in semester 1 and progress into the next semester(s) carrying the assessment deferral.

I am due to attend an on-campus teaching session but it has now been postponed due to local restrictions. What happens now?

Your Course team will aim to provide you with another on-campus session later on in the semester once restrictions are lifted. It is possible that an alternative date may have to be offered in semester 2 or 3. In this case, you will simply defer the assessment in semester 1 and progress into the next semester(s) carrying the assessment deferral.