Student Excellence Awards

The UUSU Student Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate our fantastic students. They give us the opportunity to reward the individuals and teams who give their time freely to make a positive contribution to the experience of our students, and our local communities.

We ask for nominations in each category and this evidence will be looked at in combination with additional evidence from UUSU records, such as events held, money raised and numbers of students involved. Nominations open 8th February 2019.

Awards are granted on the basis of a number of factors, depending on the category.

Selection Panel

The selection panel for the awards will consist of UUSU staff and Student Officers, who will review all evidence available, including the internal records.


  • Volunteer of the Year
  • Academic Society of the Year
  • Best Craic Social Event
  • Most Improved Society
  • New Society of the Year
  • Outstanding Committee of the Year
  • Student Champion
  • Outstanding Society of the year


This survey is not available until 00:00 on 08 Feb 2019.