Andrew McAnallen

Andy Mac For President // Andy Mac's Got Your Back!

Hi there! I'm Andy, a second-year officer and current Vice President for Campaigns & Communications. For the past two years. I've been honoured to represent you on a local national and international level.

My passion for change is as strong as ever - I've grown in experience and I've forged networks at Ulster. With your vote, together, we can build a more sustainable, diverse and campaigning Union!

1. Student Experience and Facilities
With the Greater Belfast Development on the horizon, it's necessary that we have strong leadership to ensure students can avail of first class facilities here at Ulster. As VP for Coleraine, I secured additional UUSU space. This year we have seen many improvements of our services and facilities here in the Union. and next year as President I will continue to lobby the university for better facilities.

2. UUSU Liberation Networks
One of my key commitments next year as President will be making our democracy more accessible for all students. We must make Student Council more accessible to all with public votes which will boost engagement and strengthen our democracy. To make our democracy even stronger, it is essential that the voices of minority groups are represented. Next year as President, I will work closely with our UUSU Liberation Networks to ensure all voices here at Ulster are represented.

3. Sustainability
UUSU must act to combat the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. This year I launched a plastic-free campaign and wrote policy to eradicate single-use plastic at Ulster. Next year. I will turn my policy into an actionable plan to replace single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives.

Students must have an rounded education of sustainability, to actively combat against climate change. As President, I will continue the work I liiillliil??Rmla have started to ensure that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are integrated and taught across the curriculum at Ulster.

This year I secured 50 places for Ulster students to travel on a week-long, all-expenses-paid trip to Morocco - to attend a global sustainability summit, through a partnership I established with World Merit. As President, I will continue to reward students for sustainability action, with trips around the world.

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