VP Magee

Collette Cassidy

Lets Keep Magee Growing with CC

Hi Everyone!

My names Collette Cassidy, I’m 21 and I’m your current Vice-President of Magee Students Union. I have now been in Magee for 4 years and have truly loved every second of it. This year has been a particularly special year for me. I’ve thrown myself into everything student and Higher Education related because I wanted to do the best job I could for you.

From the start of this journey I stated I would create change, which I have, but I’m not finished yet so I am running again for Vice-President of Magee to get it to the next step!

If elected I want to continue to focus on


Increasing Engagement in the Union. Your Voice matters so I will continue to make sure the events and projects that UUSU run are relevant and important to you.

Strengthening Links with the Volunteer Department and Careers Department to help you find the best opportunities to become more employable as experience is a must to get a Job.

Student Equality as Undergraduates are more associated with the Union then any other student groups. I want this to change through improving engagement with the entire cohort we represent.

Community as Magee lies in the centre of it. I think bringing back RAG week will promote a positive connection between the University and the Community by supporting our local organisations.

Striving to ensure your issues involving Brexit are answered and working along with the University to assure your Student Experience at Ulster is not affected.

Mental Health is important to everyone and stresses in your life can test it. I promise I will continue to organise events to help you relax when you need to most and will continue to work on reducing the stigma of Mental Health.

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