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Nicole Parkinson Kelly

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Hey guys, it's Nicole! I am a final year Social Policy student at Jordanstown! I have spent 3 years at UU representing students through being elected as:

Academic Reps – Course, School and Faculty Rep Student Councillor Chair - UUSU One World Society for the last 2 years, promoting Northern Ireland to international students. Stress is one of the top reasons why students drop out of university.

If elected I will be proactive in making change to the academic calendar so we can have a reading week halfway through each semester to get a rest or catch up where we have fallen behind.

As a student I have spent most of my university life working 3 part time jobs -- as maintenance loans just don’t cover the living costs for every student. It's time we fought for better financial support for every student whether it’s through lobbying for a review on how applications dictate allocation or providing additional funding through the university.

Mental Health It is time we modernised training for teaching staff to include Mental Health First Aid Training. We also need to modernise teaching methods. I will ensure that provisions are in place to have more staggered deadlines, agreed with students, to stop the everlasting issue of clustered deadlines and unmanageable stress.

Diversity Networks With the set-up of the Diversity Networks by UUSU, I will ensure that these are used to to review how the university supports those who feel under-represented including reviewing accessibility routes on campus for those living with disabilities and more weekend/holiday support for international students living in isolation when everyone else goes home.

Your education should not be negatively impacted by very controllable issues. I will make sure you have your basic needs met: your bills covered, your mental health supported and your ability to access university services made easy.

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