VP Jordanstown

Oisin Kinsella

Bring back the craic!

Hi Jordanstown! My name is Oisín Kinsella and I'm a final year Computing Science student. I'm running to be your VP because I love this campus and want to make it a fun and lively place to be for students

I ran in 2017/18 promising an upgrade to our current Student Union space. I kept this promise and will do the same this year! I plan on adding a new kitchen to the 'loft' area behind the SU canteen. This will be complete with a sink, microwave, kettle and toaster.

With the bar gone and the move to Belfast looming, Jordanstown is getting left out. I promise to bring back live music, FIFA tournaments or anything that will bring more life to the campus!

I will not hesitate to tackle the issues that you want. Whether it's an exam appeal, a dodgy lecturer or a campaign that you want to run, my office will be open for you.

Loads more! Come chat to me in person!


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