VP Belfast

Shauna Murphy


Hi there, my name is Shauna Murphy.

I am currently a final year Interior Design Student here at Ulster University’s Belfast Campus. Now that my time here as a student is coming to an end I want the opportunity to take part in the wonderful work the UUSU do to support students throughout their university experience on the campus that I have grown so fond of. I am running for the position of Belfast’s VP with the intention of being a friendly, caring and helpful presence on campus for students. I also want students to have the confidence that they can depend on me to get stuff done!

I have 3 main objectives:

1. Support for courses that are changing or evolving:
I was part of a course which was sadly cut from Ulster University. As your Vice President I will work closely with students as well as staff members who are involved in courses that are going through changes to ensure their voices and concerns are heard.

2. Less Stress for Success:
I want to introduce a little bit of TLC for students during times of stress. This will include care packages in the bathrooms for those hard workers who stay up late to complete their deadlines. If elected I want students to know I am always available to discuss academic worries, and offer support needed. Our student's metnal health matters!

3. Push for on-campus Student's Union:
It is confirmed that our Student's Union will be undergoing some redecoration. If elected, I will work closely with involved members of staff and external companies to make sure that the perfect space is created for our students. When complete, I plan to organise an array of events which will aim to bring together students from different disciplines.

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