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Freshers Fair

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21 September 2020 11:00:00

Freshers Fair

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22 September 2020 11:00:00

Freshers Fair

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23 September 2020 11:00:00

Freshers Fair

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24 September 2020 11:00:00

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Your Student Officers want to tell you about UUSU! We are YOUR Students Union. What is important to you, is important to us.

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Welcome Safe Space
30th September 5pm - 7pm
Welcome back to Ulster & Welcome to FREYA! This is our first safe space for the 20/21 academic year! Here we can chat about anything!
Hobby Lobby
23rd September 8pm - 10pm
Join us on Zoom to chat to other students. Zoom themed chat rooms.
Battle of the Campuses Quiz
22nd September 8pm - 10pm
online zoom
Join us for our Quiz. All Welcome!
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Ulster Univeristy Students' Union Freshers fair 2020.