UUSU Leadership Programme

Programme Summary 

The UUSU Leadership Development Programme is open to students currently in positions of leadership within UUSU (i.e. Class Rep, Society Chairperson, Sports Captain). The programme is delivered through a series of workshops in partnership with PWC which take place on each campus and through a number of additional industry visits. 

50 students receive a certificate of completion and are eligible for Edge Award accreditation.


2018/19 Workshops 

  • Understanding Leadership - The MAC, 26th October

A 2 hour workshop helping you understand your leadership style and how to utilise your key strengths.

  • Leadership in Practice - Magee Campus, 30th November

An interactive session that will allow you to demonstrate your leadership skills and apply them to different situations. 

  • Leading Globally & Opportunities - PWC Podcast , 6th February

Meet the partners of PWC and discover how they develop leaders across the globe. 

  • Creating a Personal Development Plan - Coleraine Campus, 27th February

Using a range of tools and methodologies you will create your own leadership development plan. 

  • Reflection & Application - Belfast Campus, 29th March

A 2 hour workshop helping you sell your skills and leadership experience when applying for a graduate job.

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How do I apply?

Applications open in October each year. You will receive information from your UUSU representative for the activity in which you are involved in i.e. Student Council, Societies or Academic Representation.