How to set up a Society

Key Roles

There are three key roles that every society must have, these are:

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

We also recommend that you consider appointing a Wellbeing Officer.
Depending on the nature of your society you may find that you need additional help to run it, and as a result may wish to create additional committee roles to support the society and its members.

Please complete this form if you want to adopt a society or start up a new society .Please make sure you have confirmed a chairperson, secretary and treasurer before proceeding. Further detail on each role is outlined below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does being a Chairperson involve?

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The chairperson leads and oversees society activity. Their role is to offer support, advice and guidance to other committee members throughout the academic year.
What will the Chairperson do?

    Leadership & Support
  • Lead & support the efficient running of the society
  • Set the societies direction and ensure that planned events and activities are in line with the society‚Äôs objectives.
  • Organise & chair regular committee meetings to discuss issues and ensure all committee members have a voice
  • Support current & new committee members during hand over period
  • Ensure society adheres to UUSU policies
  • Ensure necessary paperwork is submitted
  • Ensure AGM is an open and democratic process.

What does being a Secretary involve?

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The secretary is the backbone of the society and ensures that things run smoothly. Your main aim is to communicate all exciting events and activities happening in your society so that members are enthused to get involved!
What will the Secretary do?

  • Be the voice of the society by ensuring members are welcomed to the society & kept up to date with events via email, website and social media.
  • Issue agendas for meetings, take minutes and circulate.
  • Book rooms for meetings, events and stalls for promotion
  • Submit an activity form and risk assessments in advance of all events

What does being a Treasurer involve?

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You will work with your committee to ensure your events are budgeted for correctly and ensuring that the society has what it needs to grow and develop.
What will the Treasurer do?

    Planning & Budgeting
  • Keep an accurate record of income and expenditure throughout the year & ensure it is in line with UUSU records
  • Ensure costs relating to activities and events are examined and budgeted for accordingly
  • Ensure purchase and payment forms & funding application forms are completed correctly and submitted in time.
  • Present an overview of society accounts at the AGM
    Optional Committee/Society Roles
  • Depending on the nature of your society you may find that you need additional help in running it, and as a result may wish to create additional Committee Roles to support the society and its members. You can extend your committee by including:
  • Vice Chair roles
  • Social Media/Communications
  • Events/Activities Officer
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Wellbeing Officer