Start or Adopt a Society

What is a Society

A society is a group of people who have common interests which they wish to explore at University. These tend to fit into several broad categories; Religious & Lifestyle, Special interest, Performing Arts, Campaigns and Political, Cultural and Academic. Each society outlines its aims and objectives in a document known as its 'Constitution' which is approved by its members.

Start a Society

Setting up a society is a very simple process and the Student Activities Coordinator for your campus will be on hand to advise during the whole process! Fistly download the Start up form and complete the following.

Adopt a Society

Sometimes a society has existed previously but doesn't currently have a committee to run it. They may have some money in their account, some resources and members wanting to join. That’s where you can come in by adopting a society!

All societies need a chairperson, secretary & treasurer so once you have your committee you just need to give us some basic information and you will be ready to rock!