Award Nominees and Winners 2019

Colours 2019 award winners and nominees announced.  Can all award winners and nominees please contact the UUSU Sport office on their campus to confirm attendance and collect tickets before Wednesday 17 April at 4pm.


Service Award    
Name  Club  Campus
Peter Cuckoo Judo Coleraine
Phil Beattie Rugby Coleraine
Tom Stark Soccer Coleraine
Ruth Neill Basketball Jordanstown
Club Award    
Name  Club Campus
Arash Eghbali Cuesports Coleraine
Joe Craig Gaelic Football Coleraine
Louis Murray Hurling Coleraine
Alex Hay Judo Coleraine
Jane Fulton Karate Coleraine
Maureen Gonzales Karate Coleraine
Beth McClure Netball Coleraine
Usman Farooq Rowing Coleraine
Hayden Maxwell Rugby Coleraine
Jamie Dorman Rugby Coleraine
Jessica Green Rugby Coleraine
Zoe Cheshire Rugby Coleraine
Cathal Donnelly Surf Coleraine
Andrew Gingles Archery Jordanstown
Bláthnáid McLaughlin Gaelic Football Jordanstown
James Graham Mountaineering Jordanstown
Paul Kelly Mountaineering Jordanstown
Michael Holgate Rugby Jordanstown
Brendan Murphy Rugby Magee
Matthew Norris Rugby Magee
Half Colours    
Name Club Campus
Arash Eghbali Cue Sports Coleraine
James Crawford Cue Sports Coleraine
Richard McCracken Cue Sports Coleraine
Jane Fulton Karate Coleraine
Maureen Gonzalez Karate Coleraine
Joseph McKinney Judo Coleraine
Caitlin Fryers Boxing Jordanstown
Adam McMackin Cuesports Jordanstown
Daniel Black Cuesports Jordanstown
James O'Hare Cuesports Jordanstown
Niall O'Hare Cuesports Jordanstown
Tiarnan Russell Cuesports Jordanstown
Charlotte Dixon Equestrian Jordanstown
Fiona Cooper Equestrian Jordanstown
Jenny Lindsay Equestrian Jordanstown
James McVicker Golf Jordanstown
Mark Kilpatrick Golf Jordanstown
Niamh Ward Golf Jordanstown
Phillip Johnson Golf Jordanstown
Andrew Edgar Hockey Jordanstown
Ben Nelson Hockey Jordanstown
Ben Wallace Hockey Jordanstown
Callum Robson Hockey Jordanstown
David Gallagher Hockey Jordanstown
Josh McCabe Hockey Jordanstown
Luke Roulston Hockey Jordanstown
Luke Witherow Hockey Jordanstown
Michael Kerr Hockey Jordanstown
Scott McCabe Hockey Jordanstown
William Carey Hockey Jordanstown
Jack McMillan Swimming Jordanstown
Chris Dunleavy Cuesports Magee
Stephen O'Connor Cuesports Magee



Full Colours

Name Club Campus
Andrew McKee Judo Coleraine
Joseph McKinney Ju-Jitsu Coleraine
Kollyns Scarborough Basketball Jordanstown
Olusegun Ajayi Basketball Jordanstown
Aimee Mackin Gaelic Football Jordanstown
Claragh Connor Gaelic Football Jordanstown
Callum Nash Judo  Jordanstown
Conall Boomer Rugby Jordanstown
Geri Friel Karate Magee
Fresher of the Year Belfast/Jordanstown Nominees  
Name Club  
Callum Nash  Judo  
Lewis Finlay  Rugby  
Jack McMillan Swimming  
Winner - Lewis Finlay    
Fresher of the Year Colerine Nominees    
Name Club  
Jack Lavery  Judo  
Robert Morrow  Rowing  
Rebecca McRoberts Surf  
Winner - Rebecca McRoberts    
Fresher of the Year Magee Nominees    
Name Club  
Nicolas Peron  Basketball  
Niamh Murray  Gaelic Football  
Cameron McBrien  Gaelic Football  
Winner - Niamh Murray    
Chris Lundy Award Nominees    
Name Club  
Usman Farooq  Rowing  
Zoe Cheshire Rugby  
Joseph McKinney  Judo and Rugby  
Winner - Joseph McKinney    
Carson Clarke Award Nominees    
Name Club  
Aaron Goldring Basketball  
Michael Holgate   Rugby  
Jonny Wilson  Soccer  
Winner - Jonny Wilson    
Coach of the Year Nominees    
Name Club  
Sean O’Kane & Tommy Coleman Ladies Gaelic Football  
Jim Toland Judo  
Stevie Small Soccer  
Winner - Stevie Small    
Hurst Trophy Nominees    
Club Campus  
Men's Rugby Coleraine  
Ladies Gaelic Football  Magee  
Winner - Men's Rugby    
Bill Clarke Trophy Nominees    
Club Campus  
Women's Basketball Jordanstown  
Ladies Gaelic Football Jordanstown  
Mens Gaelic Football Freshers Jordanstown  
Winner - Ladies Gaelic Football    
Jim Allen Merit Award Nominees    
Club Campus  
Judo Coleraine  
Judo Magee  
Rugby Coleraine  
Winner - Judo Coleraine    
Team of the Year Nominees    
Ulster University Elks Women's Basketball    
Ulster University Ladies Gaelic Football    
Ulster University Soccer    
Winner - Ladies Gaelic Football    
Club of the Year Nominees    
Ulster University Elks Women's Basketball     
Coleraine Judo    
Coleraine Rugby    
Winner - Women's Basketball    
President's Plate Nominees    
Name Club  
Rebecca Cuckoo  Judo  
Geri Friel  Karate  
Alanna O’Donnovan Rowing  
Winner - Geri Friel    
Silver Salver Nominees    
Name  Club  
Kollyns Scarbrough  Basketball  
Callum Nash Judo  
Conall Boomer Rugby  
Jack McMillan Swimming  
Winner - Jack McMillan