Gaelic Football (Women's)

Ulster University Gaelic Games

Gaelic Games places sport at the heart of the University. It brings together all codes -Men’s Gaelic Football, Ladies Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie and Handball. All the Gaelic Clubs provide opportunities for everyone to get involved no matter what their level of performance may be. 

Gaelic Games Clubs at Ulster University are some of the most innovative clubs within Ulster University with huge levels of player participation.  They are some of the most successful and renowned clubs in Ireland within the entire third level sector.  From very humble beginnings, Gaelic Games at Ulster University has grown to become one of the largest sporting clubs nationally with over 1000 members and a highly active and well-organised Alumni Association.  The Gaelic Clubs an enviable record of achievement winning over 30 All-Ireland titles in the last 20 years.

Teams from Ulster University compete in national third level leagues and championships and also compete in the provincial inter county competitions The Dr McKenna Cup and The McGurk Cup

Number of teams competing in third level Leagues & Championships.


Men’s Gaelic Football –  9 teams

Hurling – 4 teams

Camogie – 4 teams

Ladies Gaelic Football – 4 teams

Handball – compete in national intervarsity events


Gaelic Games is also included on each campus as part of the UUSU Social sport program throughout the year for those people that would like to try sport or get back involved.


To find out more about Ulster University Gaelic Games please click on your campus below or contact Paul Rouse, Gaelic Games Coordinator, Ulster University, .