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What is fencing you ask?

Fencing is the sport of sword fighting using specially designed weapons and participants abide by a set of rules in order to score points against an opponent. You are protected by specialized gear supplied by the club. These consist of a mask, chest protector, plastron worn on your sword arm, jacket and breeches. A lamé (a conductive material worn over the uniform, covering the target area) is also provided but the style depends on the choice of weapon.


There are 3 weapon styles to choose from. These include;

Foil – The most common style of fencing and is taught to most beginners, where they learn the basic moves. The torso (i.e. front, back, neck and groin) is the target area for this weapon, requiring a lamé for matches.

Épée – This blade is the heaviest and is known as the musketeers’ weapon-of-choice. Epee is the only weapon where a lamé is not required, as the entire body is a target area.

Sabre – The lightest blade and is commonly associated with pirates. This is also the fastest weapon and has different blade manoeuvres than the previous weapons. The entire body area above the waist is a target and thus, requires a long-sleeved lamé.


Training times and venue

Training nights are Wednesday 6 to 8 pm – Minor/Biko hall
Senior Training 7.30 to 9:30 pm – Minor/Biko Hall
Training involves:-

15-20 minutes of warm up and stretches

30 minutes practising foot work or playing fencing related games

30-45 minutes practising on boxes or steam fencing


The club attends many competitions throughout the year here in the North and across border. These competitions help improve your experience, knowledge and skills of fencing, as well as being lots of fun! It also provides opportunities to meet other fencers throughout the island of Ireland, and sometimes meet fencers from Britain, America and other countries.

We are a very social group and often go for pizza after training on a Wednesday night. We have two main parties during the year these are for Hallowe’en and Christmas; these are filled with food, games and plenty of craic!



It only costs £3 to sign up to the University’s fencing club once you have signed up to the Sports Centre. It is the cheapest sports club to sign up to! J

Insurance for this sport is very important. Even though you are protected using gear, you need to be properly covered for your own safety and the Universities so be sure to keep this information up to date. This can be sorted out quick and easily by signing up to the British Fencing Association (please see link below).



All events, training times and contact information can be found on our FB page

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