How to set up a Society

Here at UUSU, we already have a lot of societies to choose from but if you can't find your hobby or passion why not set up a new one?

We are always looking for new societies and its not that hard, you just need 3 enthusiastic students to run the committee and get in touch with us!

  1. Send us your idea for a society via link below
  2. Your Student Activities Coordinator will get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss the next stage

This will involve agreeing your aims and objectives for your society and to plan some events for the year ahead. Don't worry this is quite a fun and interesting process and your Student Activities Coordinator is on hand to help out!

Both your society start up form and constitution will then be sent to Student Council Sub-Committee for approval.

Once you get the go ahead the Student Activties Coordinator will help you get your society off the ground!