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Course Representatives

Every course has two reps for each year of study, and they are a vital link between students and staff.

Students volunteer for this role, and will work closely with their course director to make sure your education is the best it can be whilst you are at Ulster University.  Your representaive can deal with issues big or small, positive as well as negative - find out who your rep is through the link below, and make sure to give them any feedback that you might have.

The role is also very rewarding, if you fancy taking it on you can find out more about it here: Course Rep Role Description

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School & Department Reps

School & Department Reps

Our School & Department Reps are students who have experience of representing at a course level, and take the next step up to represent students across their subject area.  In addition to being the student voice, these reps will also support their peers at a course level.

Sometimes there are things within your academic experience that our outside of the control of your course - such as funding for resources or allocation of space - and these should be raised with your Head of School or Department. 

If you have already experienced being a course rep - find out more about taking on the role here:  School Rep Role Description 

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Faculty Reps

Faculty Reps

At Ulster University there are four Faculty's - Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences; Computing, Engineering & Built Environment; Life & Health Sciences and the Ulster University Business School. 

There is one representative elected in April each year to represent these students; and this team will work with staff to enhance the academic experience across all courses and levels of study.  This role involves reviewing courses and contributing to future designs as well as representing those issues which can only be fixed by going as high as possible; things such as exam timetables or regualtions for course work. 

Our Faculty Reps will also be there to assist and guide all other reps - find out more about the role here: Faculty Rep Role Description 

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