Student Council Structure

Your Student Council is your voice within your Union, to set our direction and campaign for the change you want to see on and off campus. There are 46 students  on this representative body in total, who fall into the groups above.

UUSU is your Students’ Union and as a democratic organisation we don’t make decisions behind closed doors.

Your say matters and you drive the type of union you want to see, whether that is on sporting matters, societies, campaigns – on any issue that affects your university experience.

At our core is Student Council – it’s the boss. This is the group of elected students that decides on what stance the Union takes on issues such as Brexit, Marriage Equality and climate change.

Your elected officers report to Council so that you can influence and have input into what they are doing on your behalf. Council also appoints students to influential committees such as the University Senate and Societies Committee that grants funding to societies across the University.