Student Council - How it Works

What is Student Council?

Your Student Council is the boss.  It is the group that decides on what stance the Union takes on issues such as Brexit and Marriage Equality. 

Your elected Student Officer report to Council so that you can influence and have input into what they are doing on your behalf, and Council appoints students to influential committees such as the University Senate and Societies Committee that grants funding to societies across the University.

Does it really work?

The short answer is yes!  In 2017-18 council passed over forty motions all relating to your university experience, from the type of food we offer in our catering facilities, to supporting innovative recycling processes and to ensuring that the union will run consent workshops throughout the year for all students.

We have reps from Council that sit on the University Senate and other UU committees that make decisions about your degree, finances, disciplinaries – the things that matter.  Be part of it.

Getting Involved

Nominations to be part of Student Council are now closed but open at the start of each academic year.