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Welcome to the student resource page.
Unitu is your new student voice platform at Ulster.

Students often need to heavily rely on their own personal platforms to give feedback & get in contact with their Student Reps. Unitu provides a safe place for feedback & allows all students to be involved & have an equal say.

All 26,000 Ulster students have access Unitu. We have created a feedback board for each of the 21 schools at Ulster. Further down you’ll see a quick overview of what this looks like. You will have access only to your relevant school board.

Access your Unitu account

So let’s get you started - see below some info & how-to resources. Have a read over and then login to see the platform for yourself. The best way to get going, is to start using the platform & interacting. Access your Unitu account via using Single Sign-On (meaning there’s no need to create a new account). You simply login to Unitu with your Ulster University credentials here


Unitu set-up

See below a brief tour of what your feedback board will look like and the handy features it includes.

Unitu allows students to categorise their feedback into for areas - post praise about what your enjoying, any issues you might be experiencing, maybe you have a question or an idea you would like to share.

This process of gathering student feedback will help students track their feedback and allow Reps to have a more organised, fair & professional tool to represent you all. Your Student Reps will interact & review posts – allowing them to gauge when something is a collective query (you can thumbs up to vote!) and then action.

If your course staff are enrolled on Unitu, Student Reps can escalate collective queries to the ‘public area’ of the feedback board for a staff representative to answer & engage on. You can collectively discuss the feedback with staff and visibly track how it has been acted upon in real time. Check out the ‘Members’ tab to see all members on your school board.

Watch this quick overview of how your feedback board works

Student roles on Unitu

All students

  • Create a feedback post
  • Comment on feedback
  • And vote on feedback

Student Reps

  • Create a feedback post, comment, update and vote on feedback
  • Boost feedback (only in private)
  • Close feedback (only in private)
  • Moderate feedback (only in private)
  • Escalate feedback to public area


Top do's & don'ts


  • Engage with feedback & vote. We want to hear your opinion!
  • Be constructive in your feedback.
  • If you see inappropriate content, flag it using ‘Report’
  • Be civil and respect each other.
  • Be professional.


  • Don’t duplicate posts that already exist (check-out the ‘Archive’ tab)
  • Don’t be rude or offensive.
  • Don’t present your opinions as facts.
  • Don’t be vulgar; if you’re not sure, don’t say it.

Content policy

We want Unitu to continue to be an authentic and safe place for constructive feedback, professional discussions that aim to bring about positive change. Help us foster this community. Respect everyone on Unitu, think before you act and abide by the forum rules. Please read the full content policy available HERE

Also check out our Fitness to Practice guidelines

Platform certification and GDPR regulations

Unitu is an education technology start-up who have actively engaged with UK Higher Education (HE) to ensure that their software and systems meet best practice standards. JISC, who provide digital services to HE deliver a Step Up service which analyses the suitability of an organisation to work with HE. Unitu's report is available HERE and covers data governance (GDPR) and data security amongst other things.
Unitu have signed Ulster's third party data processing agreement, which ensures that your data is stored and managed in a compliant way, as assessed by Ulster University's solicitors.


Got a general question, check out
the student FAQS

You can also contact the Unitu support team on the platform via this icon

Want to ask UUSU a question contact
Student Voice Manager
Mandy Mulholland

Academic Rep Coordinatorr
Laura Neeson

Your Course Reps, School/Dept Reps and Faculty Rep will all be identified & tagged ‘REP’ along with their particular Rep role. This is also listed within the ‘Members’ tab. You can also find your Reps HERE

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