Student Council

What is Student Council?

Your Student Council is the boss.  It is the group that decides on what stance the Union takes on issues such as Brexit, Marriage Equality etc.  Your elected officers report to Council so that you can influence and have input into what they are doing on your behalf, and Council appoints students to influential committees such as the University Senate and Societies Committee that grants funding to societies across the University.

Why get involved?

It’s YOUR union.  We don’t make decisions behind closed doors, your say matters and you drive the type of union you want to see, whether that is on sporting matters, societies, campaigns – on any issue that affects your university experience

Does it really work?

The short answer is yes!  In 2017-18 council passed over forty motions all relating to your university experience, from the type of food we offer in our catering facilities, to supporting innovative recycling processes and to ensuring that the union will run consent workshops throughout the year for all students.

We have reps from Council that sit on the University Senate and other UU committees that make decisions about your degree, finances, disciplinaries – the things that matter.  Be part of it.


I’m in.  How do I run?

Fantastic.  Running for Council is really easy and all done online.  Simply check out the student council election on this website you’ll see the posts that are part of Council, international councillor for international students, LGBTQ+ councillor and many more including the open seats for each campus, there are ten and they can be contested by any student on that campus.

You don’t need to be nominated, you can do this yourself.  Don’t forget to upload a photo of yourself and up to 200 words about why you want to speak for your peers on student council.


Nomination Period


Opens:                Monday 17th September 2018

Close:                  Friday 5th October 2018 @ 5pm


Election Period


Opens:                Wednesday 10th October 2018

Close:                  Sunday 14th October 2018 @ midnight



Council training will take place on your campus between 14th-17th October.  Our Democracy and Campaigns Co-ordinator, Emmet Doyle will be in contact with the specifics and we do ask that you try to attend otherwise you’ll miss out on learning how Council works and how you can be the best rep you can!


First meeting

The first meeting of Council will take place in the Coleraine campus on 22nd October at 5pm.  Food and transport will be provided and you’ll have the opportunity to meet your fellow councillors.  All other meetings after this are held by videoconference in your own campus, so don’t worry about travelling after that!

Schedule of Meetings 2018-9


Want more info?

Email our Democracy and Campaigns Co-ordinator, Emmet Doyle at