Student Excellence Award Winners & Runners Up

Congratulations to all the winners and runners up in the Student Excellence Awards 2022.

New Society of the Year

Winner: Dance Society (Belfast Campus)


"We feel incredibly proud to be nominated for the student excellence awards. Our society has had a fantastic year of growth, and to be recognised by being shortlisted for the awards is very humbling. We'd like to thank our members who contributed to the growth and improvement we have seen this year, and we look forward to more amazing dance events! Thank you again! Belfast Dance Society 

Runners Up: Climate Society (Belfast Campus) and Snow Sports Society (Jordanstown)

Most Improved Society

Winner: Computing Society (Jordanstown)


“We are very excited that we got shortlisted for the Most Improved Society! Since the beginning of this semester, we have gained 28 new members and now we have more than 85 members! The committee has put a lot of effort to organize various events for our members, so far we have worked with Allstate, Liberty IT, Bazaarvoice, Instill and IBM. Also, we have planned our first formal in the Malone hotel and we sold out more than 110 tickets! Jordanstown Computing Society

Runners Up: Animation Society (Belfast Campus) and Dungeons and Dragons Society (Jordanstown)

Best Society Activity or Event

Winner: Animation Society (Belfast)


“It has been an honour to carry this society through to the ‘other side’ of the Covid 19 pandemic. We’re so happy to be nominated at the SEAs and we look forward to seeing where the society goes in the years to come. This year the society has integrated not only with the Animation and games courses, but with both industries as well, hosting events attended by the wider community. Belfast Animation Society

Runners Up: Dance Society (Belfast), Computing Society (Jordanstown) and Procraftination Society (Magee)

Committee Member of the Year

Winner: Caitlin Power (Dungeons & Dragons, Jordanstown)


“For me to be nominated for Committee Member of the year it means a lot, personally, as everything I've done for my society over the past year has been so amazingly successful and I really appreciate everyone that voted and got me on the shortlist! It means so much as people are recognising how much effort I put in for them and the society, and I wouldn't change a thing. Watch this space!


Runner Up

Alexandra Cromie (Jordanstown)

Yuan Zhang (Jordanstown)




Outstanding Society of the Year:

Winner Procraftination Society (Magee)


“We are honoured to be shortlisted for the Outstanding Society award! To even be considered means a lot to us. We work hard to provide fun and creative society events every week and a chill space with a cup of tea for anyone to enjoy, regardless of artistic skill level.”  Procraftination Society (Magee)

Runners Up Dance (Magee), CASS (Coleraine) & History (Coleraine)


Jordan Kennedy Volunteer of the Year

Winner: Grace Cotton (Jordanstown) Committee Member Communication Society

“When I volunteer or help a group, or individual, I give my all and more! I've been a part of many groups within University, and outside University. The list is quite extensive. It was quite a surprise that I have got this far, but I felt nothing but pride in myself how much I have development as a person throughout my university life.Grace Cotton


Runner Ups: Kourosh Saadat (Jordanstown) and Yuan Zhang (Jordanstown) 







Student Voice Champion

Winner: Amy Merron (Coleraine Campus)

“For the past number of years, I have been involved in Alliance for Choice Derry and because abortion services have yet to be commissioned we are still campaigning for fully funded accessible services with safe access zones and the introduction of telemedicine. I have also been trained as an abortion doula by Lucht Cabhrach to support people before, during, and after their abortion. Within Ulster, I have been the chair of UU Pro-choice for the past two years where we have fundraised, lobbied, and campaigned. This year as I am the Equality Councillor for Coleraine, I have managed to pass the Pro-choice Campus Policy to ensure that there is unbiased support available for students and have supported the UCU strikes, stood on the pickets and spoken at student rallies. In addition to this I am an eco-socialist activist and spend most of my weekends holding stalls for petitions on fair pay, housing and the climate crisis as well as attending and organising rallies. I am quite surprised by the nomination because I believe so strongly that change is a collective effort and I am surrounded by so many fantastic activists who lift each other up but I am glad that I have been able to use my voice to highlight the struggles that I see on the ground. Amy Merron

Runners Up: Chaudhary Hamza Riaz (Jordanstown), Jenni Martin (Jordanstown) and Molly Farrell (Coleraine)

STARS Gold                                                      

  • Animation                                                   
  • Computing
  • Dance
  • Radiography
  • Snow Sports
  • History
  • Marketing
  • Debating
  • One World
  • Procraftination

STARS Silver

  • Socialist