What is Shag Week?

We run SHAG week to provide you with a series of fun and educational events, from Sex Toy Bingo to LGBT+ Speed Dating, or our SHAG Fayre with external experts to STI testing on campus, and everything in between!

However, being safe doesn’t stop when the fun of SHAG week does. So here we’ve compiled some resources for you to get informed before you get busy.

Sexy Resources

  • Big sexy talk

    A podcast hosted by Informing Choices NI. Each collection of episodes focusing on a different area of sexual and reproductive health.

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  • Tea is Consent

    In this video it’s explained that consent must be mutual, on-going, and freely given. Whether it’s tea or sex, consent is everything.

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  • Lovehoney Uni Sex

    By Florence and Reed, hosts of the F*cks Given podcast, this ebook talks all things sex while at university. From safe sex, to consent, to pleasure, to common problems – there’s something in here for everyone to learn from!

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  • Sex and Disability

    In this video from The Brook, Enhance The UK, and IPPF, two disabled women talk about their experiences, and what they want people to know about sex with a disability.

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  • Asexuality

    Asexual people, who might use the term Ace for short, are people who experience low to no sexual attraction. This video explains what it’s all about!

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  • Sex and Pleasure

    If you had sex ed in school (big if,) we’ll bet this crucial part of sex got left out. In this video from The Brook, Enhance The UK and IPPF, a group of young people discuss what pleasure means to them and their sex lives.

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  • How to use a Dental Dam

    Dental Dams are often associated with lesbian sex but are for everyone regardless of gender and sexuality. This video from Pink News explains how to use one.

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  • Sex and Social Media

    Didn’t you hear you’re not supposed to believe everything you see online? In this video from The Brook, Enhance The UK, and IPPF, young people talk about sex and social media.

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  • How does Emergency Contraception work?

    In this video from The Brook, they explain how the morning after pill and the emergency IUD work, and when to use them.

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