Your Voice


Every student at Ulster is automatically a member of the Students' Union.  The good news is that this means you can Influence and champion change within your Students’ Union!  Remember we’re here to represent you! There are students elected to make sure your voice is heard.


Student Officers

Issues, ideas or grievances you want to discuss about your Uni or Union?


Academic Reps

Have input or feedback related to your course that your Rep can help with?


Student Council

A mix of elected and appointed people who run your Union


SU meetings

Interested in what happens at committee meetings within UUSU?


Student Council meetings

Here policies are passed, debate is had and issues discussed.


Student Executive meetings

Student Executive Officers meet to discuss events, strategy and progress.


Trustee Board meetings

Here Trustees discuss overarching strategies, finance and legal issues that arise.


Important documents

  • Constitution
  • UUSU Policy Documents