We endeavour to provide you with a high-quality service, but if you are dissatisfied it is your right to raise a concern or make a complaint.

Complaint Procedure Document

Informal complaint

If you have any concerns about the service provision or are unhappy about the service received, then you have the right to raise an informal complaint with the relevant manager.

Depending on your complaint please get in touch  the relevant contact as below: 

  • Student Voice, Activities, UUSU Sport or the Advice Bureau please contact David Flynn, Acting Membership Director, d.flynn@ulster.ac.uk.
  • Any aspects of our physical spaces, please contact Colin Campbell, Operations Director: cr.campbell@uusu.org
  • Elected officials (full time and voluntary) please contact the UUSU President: president@uusu.org
  • If your informal complaint relates to any of the named individuals above, you should contact David Longstaff, CEO of UUSU: d.longstaff@ulster.ac.uk

Formal Complaint

Should you feel dissatisfied with the outcome of your informal complaint, you can submit a formal complaint to us.

You will need to do this in writing by downloading and sending the complaints form

  • If the complaint is in relation to a staff member(s) or a service provided by us, please complete this form and email to: David Longstaff, CEO, d.longstaff@ulster.ac.uk
  • If the complaint is in relation to any of our elected officials – (full time or voluntary), please complete the complaints form below which will be directed to our Designated Staff Member*.

*More information on this formal process for elected officials can be found within Schedule 7 of our Bye-Laws: Officer Disciplinary Scheme

The Designated Staff Member is currently Colin Campbell, Operations Director: cr.campbell@uusu.org