Governance, Policy & Procedure

Our Bye Laws are an important set of governing documents on which we run your union. Think of them like our own mini laws, that help run us as a union, from how we run our elections to the code of conduct expectations of our members and much more in between. There are eight in total which each cover a specific topic relating to our management. Our Student Council and Trustee Board can together approve and make changes to our Bye Laws.

The Articles of Association can only be changed by our members through a referendum or annual student meetings.


Bye Laws

a. Bye Law 1 - Democratic Procedures

b. Bye Law 2 - Standing Orders

c. Bye Law 3 - Elections

d. Bye Law 4 - Sports Constitution.2020

e. Bye Law 5 - Societies Regulations

f. Bye Law 6 - Referenda

g. Bye Law 7 - Member Code of Conduct & Disciplinary Scheme

h. Bye Law 8 - Honorary President & Life Membership

Appendix 1 Student Council Membership

Appendix 2 Student Council Policy Process

Appendix 3 Member Conduct Complaints Form

Appendix 4 Referendum Process