Housing Experience Statement

You can report a housing issue directly to the HMO Office here. (From 1 April 2019 all HMOs in Northern Ireland must be licenced. Local councils are responsible for the HMO licensing scheme, which will see three lead councils take responsibility for much of the work, with Belfast City Council designated as the lead council for the scheme. Submissions below will be passed to Belfast City Council initially.) 

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If your experience is regarding a current tenancy you should attempt to resolve the issues. The Advice Bureau is here to help how we can so please get in touch here. Alternatively, there are also services such as Housing Rights NI that you can seek advice from. You are welcome to submit a statement for a previous tenancy.

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We will not pass the name on if you have selected no above. Please note that while all complaints will be recorded, investigated and resolution sought, legal action or HMO licence removal cannot be taken in anonymous cases.

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(So the Advice Bureau can get in touch if required)

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Thank you for sharing your experience, UUSU will pass your submission to Belfast City Council and use the information provided to work towards improving the student housing experience.