Consumer Issues

If your purchase does not satisfy the criteria, return it to the retailer as soon as possible, as time is of the essence. You may be entitled to a refund, replacement or repair.

IIf you change your mind, don’t like an item that has been gifted to you or if it doesn’t fit you, then you have no legal right to your money back or exchange. Many shops do have a returns policy and are not all the same, so check this out before you make your purchase.

IIf your goods are faulty your contract is with the retailer. It is their legal responsibility to make sure that your statutory rights are met. You are not required to contact the manufacturer even if the retailer tells you to do so, your contract is with them, not the manufacturer.

IYou don’t necessarily need a receipt to return faulty goods, if you can show proof other that you purchased the product. A receipt is the easiest way, but any other legitimate proof is acceptable such as a credit card statement. If the retailer does not accept the proof you provide seek advice and support from UUSU Advice Bureau.

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