The Election!

Why have an election?

By this point, you probably know that this is no ordinary job - and it is no ordinary job interview either.  

For this role you have to be elected by the members of UUSU - that means every student at Ulster Uni for the overall posts, and the students on your campus for VP. 


Nominations are now open, and they close at 12pm on Friday 8th February.  We will not accept anything after this time - so don't leave it until the last minute. 

We will help you along the way and provide a limited number of leaflets and posters.  You can also use social media (within the rules!) to promote yourself. 

Campaigning begins on 15th February, with the polls open online from Monday 4th March - Wednesday 6th March

The Candidate Pack explains everything in more detail, so make sure you download this and read it all before submitting your nomination. 

Points to note:

A few quick points to note whilst you're here though:

You will need:

  • Students to nominate you - 15 for campus positions, 30 for overall
  • A catchy campaign slogan! 
  • A manifesto. This isn't anything to be afraid of, really just a leaflet which sets out who you are and why students should vote for you
  • A campaign plan and a team to help deliver it - we will be delivering workshops on this after nominations close to help you prepare for this 
  • To keep to the rules...we have rules covering conduct during elections to make sure everything is fair and no one feels under pressure - please check these out and ask if you have any questions! 

Essential Documents to read: 

And quick calculator for you to work out how much printing to order from us:

Information Sessions

There is a lot of information to take in - and to help with this we are holding open sessions before nominations close to answer any queries or worries you may have.

Get the date in your diary now:

Magee Campus (MD013) Monday 4th February, 11am 
Coleraine Campus (E205) Monday 4th February, 2pm 
Jordanstown Campus (2F05) Tuesday 5th February, 11am 
Belfast Campus (BA-02-008) Tuesday 5th February, 2pm 


Now you are ready to NOMINATE YOURSELF!