Annual Student Meeting

Monday 10 December 2018

Video conferencing

5pm - 7pm



1. Ratification of minutes of previous AGM;

Receive: Minutes of the AGM held November 2017

2. Receiving the report of the Trustees on the Union’s activities since the previous AGM;

Receive: Trustee Report (to follow)

3. Receiving the accounts of the Union for the previous financial year;

Receive: UUSU Audited Accounts

4. Appointment of the auditors;

Approve: GMcG as auditors of UUSU for 2018-19

5. Approve the list of affiliations of the Union;

Approve: List of UUSU affiliations

6. Open questions to the Trustees by the Student Members;

Opportunity for students to question the Trustees on any matter relating to UUSU

7. Student Support Fund 

Discuss: Allocation of strike funds for student benefit

8. Amendments to the Articles

Approve: Amendments to the Articles of Association (subject to change pending legal advice)

               Briefing         Amendments



Annual Student Meeting