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Thu 16th September

Thursday Speed Friending
8pm - 9:30pm
Come together for fun, get to know you games!

Mon 20th September

Games Night
8pm - 10pm
Are you game enough to join us for Cards against Humanity?!

Tue 21st September

The great British bake off stream along
7:50pm - 9:30pm
Streaming online of The great British bake off We intend to join 10mins before so we can all say hi Remember to bring along snacks and drinks if you want
Mindfulness quiz
8pm - 10pm
Come join mindfulness for a quiz
Movie Night
8pm - 10pm
Grab your popcorn and join us for an online Movie Night!

Wed 22nd September

Culture Shock
6:30pm - 8pm
Enjoy a UUSU welcome to the wonderful place we call “Norn Iron”
Freshers Quiz
8pm - 11pm
A permanent feature in the fresher’s fortnight calendar!

Thu 23rd September

Puppy Petting Room
11am - 2pm
The event everyone sets a reminder in their phone for - the chance to snuggle and cuddle with the most adorable little puppies!
Society Hangout
6pm - 8pm
So you joined a society at freshers fayre......

Fri 24th September

Crafty Friday
8pm - 11pm
Hosted by Procraftination Society why not come along to this Freshers Event! All Welcome
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