Debate Society X Magee Law Society

Monday 06 February 2023

Belfast Moot Court BC-07-313

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Magee Law Society are coming to Belfast for a Debate on whether the UK should have a codified constitution. 

We ask that anyone who wishes to make a submission either for or against the motion email stating their position. The debate will open to the house after but if you do not email asking to make a submission you may not be able to, depending on the length of submissions and number of those who wish to make one. Email to 

Get a free ticket to secure your place as there is limited space available in the room. 

Participants are invited for drinks in the SU bar in Belfast afterwards. 

Refreshments will be provided at 6:30 for members of either the Debate Society or the Magee Law Society 

Event to start at 6:30pm, Debate will begin at 7pm