Category: Educator of the Year – PhD Demonstrator

Any PhD Researcher who, while undertaking their researcher role, has also actively and exceptionally contributed to students' education is eligible to be nominated for this award. This nominee will have all the traits of an excellent teacher, for example, using innovative learning styles, teaching in an engaging manner, or providing constructive and supportive feedback.

This award aims to showcase the PhD Demonstrators' important contributions to student learning and the wider teaching environment as early career instructors.

The criterion for this award, as far as possible, will be reflective of the Educator of the Year awards. Remember to provide examples, scenarios and as much evidence as possible.

  • Are they passionate about their subjects in way that makes you enthusiastic to learn?
  • Do they easily communicate new concepts to you?
  • Do they provide useful and prompt feedback that allows you to improve your skills?
  • Are they innovative, using technology creatively, approaching the subject in a unique way?
  • Is their teaching up-to-date with the latest practice in your current or future employment sector, or has their teaching helped give you skills for current or future employment in your chosen career?

This list is by no means exhaustive but will be used to help shortlist nominations!