Category: Inclusion & Belonging Champion

As the first year of this award we welcome nominations to help spotlight those who work tirelessly across the incredibly broad spectrum of equality, well-being & belonging at UU and beyond. Share your stories on how your nominee has actively championing for equity or pushed for greater opportunities to break down barriers to education.

The criterion for this award, as far as possible, will be reflective of the Educator of the Year awards. Remember to provide examples, scenarios and as much evidence as possible.

  • Are they a pioneer in instigating positive conversations for equality and diversity across the University?
  • Do they encourage and advocate for a greater understanding of minority communities?
  • How do they create and nurture an environment of safety and acceptance inside or outside of the classroom?
  • Are they an advocate for inclusive and accessible content across your learning?
  • Are they a vocal campaigner for improved student support systems?
  • Have they created new opportunities to network or build communities either through academic societies, group work, studios or in the lab for example

This list is by no means exhaustive but will be used to help shortlist nominations!