Category: Inspirational Award

As our top award, this person embodies all the other categories rolled into one. Who has been your Ulster University hero this year?

Maybe they have that something extra that helps you to understand the most difficult of subjects, but they also take the time to consider your well-being and the wrap around support you need outside of the classroom.

Belonging and feeling part of a university community is very much core to a rounded student experience. Has this person advocated, challenged and pushed boundaries in this area?

It’s difficult to put into bullet points what can make nominees in this particular category stand out – just make sure that you give examples, scenarios and evidence of how they have inspired you/other students.

  • How have they motivated and empowered you as a learner?
  • Do they champion equality and belonging at UU; pushing barriers to provide an inclusive learning environment?
  • What is it about their teaching style and passion for their subject that makes them stand out?
  • How have they created a sense of community amongst your course or your cohort?
  • Why do they stand out above the others, how have they made an impact on your student experience?

This list is by no means exhaustive but will be used to help shortlist nominations!