Student Excellence Awards

The UUSU Student Excellence Awards recognize and celebrate those students who contribute so much of their time, energy and expertise to improving the student experience at Ulster. Nominate here by Thurs 15th April at 5pm

They give us the opportunity to reward the individuals and teams who give their time freely to make a positive contribution to the experience of our students, and our local communities. Students come to university to learn and acquire skills, but the experience is enriched by everything that happens outside of the classroom. In a year which has been characterised the Covid 19 pandemic, the role of our committee members, volunteers, reps and councillors has been more challenging than ever before, and their contribution to life at Ulster has been such a vital element of the student experience.

If you know a student who has had a positive impact on the student experience, we invite you to nominate them for a Student Excellence Award! Staff and students can nominate in all categories except the Student Champion award which only accepts nominations from fellow students.

You can nominate in as many or a few categories as you wish. All students who receive a nomination will be personally notified to acknowledge their contribution. Nominations will be considered by a panel of UUSU representatives in combination with additional evidence from UUSU records, such as events held, money raised and numbers of students involved. Award winners will be notified at the end of the semester.

Nominate here by Thurs 15th April at 5pm