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MAGEE CORE is the Northwest's Premier Gaming and Anime society. It has won awards such as Gold Stamps and society of the year several times. We feature a large member base made up of both students and non-students alike, Making CORE 'the' place to be.


We would normally have a wide variety of activities such as videogames, board games, miniature wargames, card games, tabletop RPGs. Although some of these activities may be affected because of Covid-19, we can compromise by hosting activities online. These include hosting sessions for online games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Among Us and many more. We can also host tabletop games online via sites and apps such as Roll20, YugiohPRO and Tabletop Simulator.


To again compromise with Covid-19, we will be hosting weeking bookclub-style anime discussions. Participants will watch the shows in their own time and then discuss them via a discord call.

Please be aware that all listed events are for over 18's ONLY.

Feel free to join the banter via Discord here:

Interested In Volunteering? Would you like to be part of a society that is fun, extremely active, inventive and open to all? Magee Core is run entirely by volunteers, so if you are interested in becoming a part of the University's biggest society just let us know! You can either talk to a member of the committee or fill in the form at the link below: Volunteering not only bolsters your CV greatly through the events within the university and the local community, but volunteering also contributes towards the University's Edge Award!