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Coleraine LGBT+

We are looking for a secretary & treasurer to complete our committee for 23-24! This is a great way to get together with other students, have some fun putting on events and get some skils for your cv!

Our society is open to students of Ulster University and we are devoted to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, otherwise identified & curious students along with the wider community.

We are based on the Coleraine campus. We hope to gather students from all possible backgrounds and create a safe space for anyone to feel comfortable, secure, and protected. We want to make sure LGBTQIAP+ people are thoroughly respected on campus, and mark our queer presence on campus as a socio-historico-cultural group of people who had, and has been, historically and continuously suffered discrimination against from social institutions and groups, which we want to take part in ending. 


Some of our values are: 

  • No human existence is illegal,
  • Human Rights must be respected,
  • Black lives matter, 
  • Trans rights are human rights,
  • Love is love,
  • Mind science,
  • Be kind.


If you want to take a leadership role and help the current committee, all you have to do is complete a registration form: