Welcome Team 2021

We still find ourselves in uncertain times but one thing is for sure – Ulster University will have thousands of freshers kick starting their University experience in September 2021 and UUSU will be ready and waiting to welcome them!

Why is the Welcome Team so important?

We need returning students to welcome new students with a smile! There will be a number of voluntary roles within our welcome team which will support a huge variety of events and activities as students arrive on campus and online. Joining our welcome team is a chance for you to shape and inspire the next generation of Ulster Students showcasing what Ulster University, UUSU and Campus Life can offer them during the start of their student journey.

What will the work involve?

We want you to do what you will enjoy most therefore there are three different roles within our welcome team: Welcome Guide, Freshers Helper and Buddy Volunteer. We will work with you to ensure you are matched with a role that best suits you and your skills.

You could be taking students around campus showing them the best places to study and the cheapest spot to grab a coffee. Or you may prefer to chat to fellow students at Freshers, promoting UUSU and upcoming events. There will also be opportunities for you to attend events and give a helping hand. If public speaking is your thing, you can get involved in our UUSU welcome talks! We are also launching our new buddy scheme where you can share your experience and knowledge of campus with new students.

What will the work accomplish?

Having you on board to welcome students to Ulster University, will have a huge impact on the new students’ welcome experience. This is their opportunity to ask fellow students those burning questions that they may not want to ask staff (where’s the best place for cheap drinks!). You are the role models, and as new students to Ulster, they will be looking up to you for advice, top tips, and everything they need to know on how to make the most of their uni experience.

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