Stress Less

With exams and deadlines approaching, we have tips to stress less this exam season.

With exams and deadlines approaching, we have tips to stress less this exam season.

  • Make a calendar to plan your work and schedule break times 
  • You can plan your work by creating your own visual calendar draw it out or create it online. There are also many free downloadable calendars online!
  • Start by using our Stress Less Calendar to mark out your study days. You can plan your working time slots a week in advance or every morning
  • Set alarms to keep you on schedule or ask a family member/study partner to keep you accountable
  • Don't forget to take breaks and eat well!

Head to our website for more useful wellbeing tips and info

Student Minds have excellent resources, the link below gives useful tips on coping with exam stress and specific tips for coping with exams affected by coronavirus and regulations:

Downloadable PDF:

For more wellbeing tips and advice, visit our webpage


Mindfulness and meditation allow us to connect to the present moment, become more aware of our thoughts and recharge our mental batteries.
For a FREE beginners meditation from Headspace, click here
For more information on these simple mindfulness exercises visit
where you can find downloadable colouring books and helpful instruction videos!
Talk to a friend or university councillor
If you are finding it difficult to keep on top of your stress levels, talk about it. Stress can be isolating, ease the pressure by being open about your stress. Counselling support from Inspire is available 24/7 on 0800 028 5510 or by emailing (not 24 hour).
• There is counselling support from Inspire, which is accessed by calling their 24/7 helpline 0800 028 5510 or by emailing (not 24 hour)
• If you are in distress or crisis contact Lifeline 0808 808 8000 (
• The Samaritans listening ear helpline 116 123 (
There is also a list of helplines for other needs on website