Student Engagement & Communications Assistant

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Main Duties

Following an initial induction/training period, the placement student will be responsible for:

  • Leading on the collection and interrogation of information gleamed from research developed through both qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • The production of methodologies based on gathered research with a view to the realistic implementation of such.
  • Developing and managing the project scope around implementing methodologies across the digital profiles of UUSU, with relevant support.
  • Uplifting and developing UUSUs digital website content, visuals and user journeys in line with the marketing team and based on student feedback.
  • Enhancing our social media presence through relevant and meaningful content and the creation of a clear social media plan, based on research and which supports the wider digital strategy.
  • Working with both management and users to support and encourage digital contributions across our website and digital media from the student body.
  • Work with a range of communication options including consideration of accessibility needs.
  • Pull together processes and actions to ensure longevity of project continuation past the natural end of the initial research and implementation piece.

Coordinating and managing mailing lists, mail outs, newsletters and other correspondence, using software and programmes as appropriate


Essential Requirements

Educational background (indicate prerequisite course/modules):


  1. Primary
  • BSc in Communication Management & Public Relations
  • BSc in Communication, Advertising and Marketing
  • BSc in Marketing
  1. Secondary
  • BSc in Business Studies with Computing


Personal skills and competencies (previous experience / achievements demonstrating essential and desirable skills):

  • Be able to demonstrate a significant and/or substantial interest and educational experience across the project subject area.
  • Have experience of delivering or working on projects and activities that consider large groups of stakeholders.
  • Evidence of undertakings of large pieces of quantitative and qualitative research which has then being translated into a delivery plan/methodology.
  • Ability to host large focus groups.
  • Good analytical approach to evidencing decision-making.
  • Commitment to concepts of inclusion and diversity.
  • Approachable and diplomatic with the ability to communicate appropriately with a diverse range of SU members.
  • Ability to organise and manage a multi-layered priority list, and meet project targets and deadlines
  • Produces clear and effective communications appropriate to the audience, utilising the most appropriate channel and in keeping with brand guidelines.

Desirable Requirements

  • Experience of being a volunteer in a similar organisation.
  • Knowledge or experience of event coordination, project management, marketing or project delivery.
  • Understanding of and willingness to operate Adobe, Photoshop and internet content management systems, as well as other database solutions.
  • Excellent IT skills with knowledge of digital platforms and social media.
  • Ability to negotiate and manage effective and constructive relationships with colleagues and consumer (student) groups.

Please apply through the University's Recruit Portal.

For further info please email


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