Student Excellence Awards Winners

The UUSU Student Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate those students who contribute so much of their time, energy and expertise to improving the student experience at Ulster.

The UUSU Student Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate those students who contribute so much of their time, energy and expertise to improving the student experience at Ulster.  Congratulations to all the winners, runners up and nominees. Thanks to all those all those also that submitted nominations.

Outstanding Society of the Year  UUSU One World 

"Winning this award is so overwhelming! It has been such a rollercoaster, but it has been hugely enjoyable, and we have met and made many amazing friends across the globe which is reward in itself! Thank you so much to each and every person who nominated us for this award!! It is so special to have our efforts recognised by you all in this way!” One World Society



Runners Up: UUSU History and UUSU Procraftination


"This year we have had a brilliant time running events such as quizzes, craft nights, games nights and having a talk on International Womens Day! We loved getting to work with Mind Your Mood and helping our members make mental health a priority this year. It has been brilliant meeting new students and helping them build new friendships!" 

UUSU History



"Over the academic year we have hosted virtual events such as Bob Ross Night, Sustainable Crafting & DIY Slime. We've collaborating with the Baking Society, Mind Your Mood & One World to help raise awareness, make friends & most importantly help YOU have fun & support your mental health! We are honoured & thankful to everyone who nominated us and we’re delighted to be runner-up! Thanks for all your support  and we’ll be back next semester!" 

UUSU Procraftination



New Society of the Year UUSU Pro Choice

"The founding members set the society up to create a community within Ulster University for activists, but we have been completely overwhelmed by the support we have received over the last year. We have provided signposting for sexual and reproductive health services in the North, including abortion services. We have done this alongside tackling misinformation and changing the narrative around abortion through our social media, newsletters & events. We have also fundraised for Abortion Support Network raising £100 so far by our sales of society t-shirts and we have raised nearly £600 for Alliance for Choice. We would not be here without the passion and dedication of our society members who have gone above and beyond in their support for us in our first year. Excited for what we can achieve next year! ProChoice


Runners Up: UUSU Philosophy and Ulster University Consulting Society

"Creating a new society within UUSU has been one of the most rewarding experiences. The support given to us by the whole UUSU team has been crucial in our success and we look forward to offering both in person and virtual experiences for members in the coming year. We would like to thank everyone who attended events this year, particularly our collaborative events with the Freya and History societies respectively. The growth we've seen on Facebook and Instagram has been spectacular also and we hope everyone will keep checking for posts and updates in the coming months!" Philosophy Society 


"We want to thank the UUSU for this recognition. The team have worked hard to bring new opportunities across Ireland back to UU students and continually develop what we can offer. We look forward to seeing the society go forward and grow in the coming years" 

Consulting Society 





Student Academic Representative of the Year Stephanie McConnellogue

"This year was a particularly hard year for all of our students, so I felt more than ever I needed to be an advocate. I headed a campaign to ensure our healthcare students felt appreciated after the huge amount of work they all put in. I just want to say a massive thank you to those who have nominated me for this award. I don't do any of what I do for recognition, but to know I made enough of a difference to be recognised definitely makes the work a lot easier. Thank you so so much."

Stephanie McConnellogue


Runners Up: Charles Boyle and Andrew Armstrong

"I helped run a Course group chat offering advice on lecture material, deadlines & assignment structure. I also hosted class seminars, relating to assignments sharing information and answering questions and clarifying issues with lecturers. I attended SSCC meetings and effectively lobbied for changes to Mass seminars within a specific module. We were able to have the 140+ seminars reduced back down to their originally intended size of 20-40 students. Doing a minor subject with my degree meant I communicated with staff on a wider range of student issues." Charles Boyle


"Being a student academic representative for my three years at Ulster,  has allowed me to support many of my fantastic classmates in various ways while also building strong relationships with the course faculty.   I wanted to be hands on and if I could help make things easier for even just one student then it would be my pleasure. To be nominated for this award is an incredible feeling, never mind the tremendous joy I felt at finding out I have been a runner up.  Thank you to anyone who voted for me and the opportunity to support you."

Andrew Armstrong


Student Voice Champion  Jennifer Martin 

"I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who nominated me for the SEA awards. I am so honoured to have won this award and so thankful for all the support. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of UUSU over the past three years. It has allowed me to meet a wide range of people and to be able to help students from around the world. Finally, I would like to thank UUSU for all their support, encouragement and friendship. You don't get enough recognition for everything you do for students behind the scenes. We really do appreciate it!" 

Jennifer Martin 


Runners Up: Colette Ansell and Ryan McFall


"I am delighted to have achieved Student Voice Champion Runner-up. Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate me. Congratulations to the winner and to all recipients across other categories."

Colette Ansell


"While at Ulster, I’ve worked hard to ensure that UU students are represented at every level, from the rep system to our student council. I’ve endeavoured to hold my fellow representatives accountable, to speak on behalf of our members at National conferences and to champion Student rights at every opportunity. I’m incredibly thankful to everyone who nominated me for this award and honoured to be a Runner-up for UUSU Student Voice Champion 2020/21."

Ryan McFall


Impact Award Hannah McCrea


"I was so surprised and happy to have won the Student Impact award. Throughout the past year I have volunteered with Older People North West, Youth Initiative and have delivered medication to the vulnerable. This meant that I was privileged to both help younger and older people of society. These are all roles that I have loved as well as my roles throughout within the university like being a course representative. Being able to help those that are vulnerable during this uncertain time is amazing as you can interact with people of all different stages of life."

Hannah McCrea


Runners Up: Amy-Louise Merron and Alex Connolly and Scott Couser

"Thank you to everyone who nominated me for this award, I can't believe it!  I am so happy that I have been able to make even just a small difference to people's lives and university experience during what's been a very difficult year. Working with the pro-choice society and its members has been a privilege and I am so proud of what we have accomplished this year within our wee community. Can't wait to see what we can do next year!" 

Amy Louise Merron




“I am involved in the transgender support group within Ulster University. This is a safe space where we can offer advice and support, as well as have a wee laugh. It was an honour to be nominated for the Impact Award!”

Alex Connolly 



"In a year where things were already restricted and rotten with Covid, I felt it was only natural to make sure that the people I met felt comfortable and were able to make the most of this year. I didn’t expect to receive any form of reward for how I impacted those I met but I’m happy to have." Scott Couser






UUSU One World

UUSU History 


UUSU Pro-Choice 

UUSU Procraftination

UUSU Psychology 

UUSU Mature 


UUSU Mindfulness

UUSU Philosophy

UUSU Vegan Generation 

UUSU Irish Dancing


UUSU Baking 


UUSU Film Making 

UUSU Geography & Environmental Sustainability Society 


UUSU LGBTQ+ (Magee Campus)



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