No Keys, No Degrees Protest

UUSU joined other students at Protest organised by NUS-USI at Stormont on 18th October 2021.

UUSU joined other students at Protest organised by NUS-USI at Stormont on the 18th October 2021 for the No Keys, No Degrees protest.

The protest was organised by NUS-USI in response to NI's growing housing crisis which is getting worse.  This year the rental market was under more pressure than ever before. Some students had their housing promises broken just before the start of term and were left with no option but to add hours to their daily commute.

This government wants to invest in skills but student leaders are arguing that you can’t have the student numbers without making sure they have decent homes to live in.

UUSU wants a Student Renters Bill which ensures all student accommodation is:

?? Safe

?? Affordable

?? Good Quality

?? Guaranteed

Our President Owen McCloskey spoke on the day stating that: 

"We are here today because students are the baseline of our future. University is a time for students from all backgrounds, all walks of life, all experiences to come together. 

These students are the leaders of tomorrow. But if they’re struggling with the most basic needs like accommodation, how can they focus on their education? 

Education is how we invest in our future, in the next generation of leaders. If today’s leaders truly want the best for us, then it’s time to act. The issue of student housing has been ignored for too long. This also isn’t just a Belfast issue we are seeing this across NI - we have students on accommodation waiting lists, having to travel, students dropping out, and this inaction on is affecting our students. This issue has been push too far down the road by Stormont, we need action now! 

We are asking for a student rent bill that allows students to live in dignity. To have good quality accommodation that is affordable for everyone. This is a basic human right, and in case you’ve forgotten, students are humans too! No keys No Degrees." 

Owen McCloskey (UUSU President) speaks at the No Keys, No Degrees, Stormont Protest

Ellen Fearon (NUS-USI President) speaks at the No Keys, No Degrees, Stormont Protest