President Kevin McStravock

The Background

Kevin is a recent graduate from Journalism with French.  He was involved with the SU from his first week at UU, becoming a course rep and then a volunteer in various roles.  Before becoming President, he was VP Coleraine for a year.  This is Kevin’s second term as President.  

The Role

Being President of one of the biggest Students’ Unions in the UK and Ireland is a varied and busy role.

Kevin is the lead Officer representing the student voice to the University, and to our local and national politicians to influence a wide range of issues which affect our members.

The President is also the Chair of the UUSU Trustee Board – our governing body – which makes sure the whole organisation fulfils our strategic plan, delivering all services for our students within our budgets!

Kevin’s Goals for 2018-19

1.       Focus on external lobbying and campaigning, ensuring the student voice is heard within Stormont and beyond – particularly focussing on Brexit and Higher Education Funding;

2.       Increase the number of targeted opportunities for under represented groups of students to engage with UUSU – through our representative structures, and also through societies;

3.       Improved students’ union and socialising spaces on each campus – giving students better areas to relax, socialise or study!

Read about how Kevin is achieving these aims in his blog

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