VP Campaigns and Communications Andrew McAnallen

The Background

Andy graduated from Journalism with English in July 2017 and for the last year has been VP Coleraine, before winning the election for this cross-campus role.

Andy was the founding member of the now-very-successful CASS (Coleraine Amateur Stage Society) and spent a year in America as part of Study Abroad.  He is also passionate about all environmental issues and is a committed vegan (he would have told you this within 5 minutes anyway..).

The Role

As Vice President Campaigns and Communications, Andy is responsible for coordinating and planning a wide range of awareness raising campaigns within UUSU. In addition, he will be driven by student-led policies and feedback to spear head campaigns which drive change within the University and wider society.

He will also use all communication channels possible to tell you about everything the SU is doing and make sure we are also listening to you!

Andy’s Goals for 2018-19

  1. Raise voter turnout in UUSU elections by 20 percent.
  2. Attain “Excellent” NUS Green Impact status.
  3. Establish student newspaper/society with student-led editorial team.


Read about how Andy is achieving these aims in his blog

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