Please complete this form if you want to adopt a society or start up a new society .Please make sure you have confirmed a chairperson, secretary and treasurer before proceeding. Further detail on each role is outlined below.

What is DND Society?

Our society is a place where you can get together and play Tabletop Role Playing Games with your friends, Mostly DND.

Who is it for?

Our society is for anyone who wants to get together with friends and have fun working together, journeying through their own story where they get to be the heroes

How much is it join?

£3 for the year, which includes a free dice set.

What are the benefits of joining your society?

The societies games can actually help you improve your team working and problem solving skills, as well as giving you a regular time to meet up with friends and let off steam.

When do you meet?

Every Wednesday @5pm BD-03-002