Please complete this form if you want to adopt a society or start up a new society .Please make sure you have confirmed a chairperson, secretary and treasurer before proceeding. Further detail on each role is outlined below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we access our society webpage?

From your society webpage page select edit & admin tools in top right-hand corner If for some reason you do not have access, please contact your Societies Coordinator.

How do we organise an event?

Once you have provisionally planned your event, please submit an Event Plan. Once approved the Student Activities Team will talk through the final steps!
Not some help planning your event? Our Events Coordinator can chat with you to help you bring your ideas to life! More details about events can be found in Activities & Events.

What is the difference between a UUSU Grant & fundraising?

Fundraising is money that societies generate for themselves via membership, ticket sales or sponsorship for example UUSU Grants are available for societies to apply to but the amount you can apply for and what you can spend the money on is restricted.

How much money can we get via UUSU Grants?

New societies can apply for up to £100 in their first semester Full details of all UUSU Grants can be found in All things Money.

Who is the Student Activities Team?

Great Question!
Societies Coordinator Karen Pothin
Student Activities Manager Laura Horner
Volunteering & Events Coordinator Cathal McArdle
There are also two members of student staff on your campus to support your activities.