Learning and Teaching Awards 2022 Winners

A huge congratulations to all winners and nominees at the 2022 Learning and Teaching Awards!

We are delighted to have welcomed back the annual Learning and Teaching Awards in 2022 to celebrate of all our staff teams and academics, who work so hard each and every day to inspire excellence in enhancing the student experience at Ulster University.

The LTAs highlight innovation and exceptional efforts in teaching, learning and the student experience. Being student-led  from the nominations to decision-making panels, these awards truly highlight those experiences and contributions that have been valued by students.

The awards were presented by VP Education Grace Boyle and Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Build Environment Rep Ciaran Chaney. Our presenters were fantastic keeping us hooked from start to finish!

Below are your Learning and Teaching Awards 2022 winners... 

DR VICTORIA MCCOLLUM, School of Arts & Humanities
What our students’ have said...

“I have found Dr Victoria McCollum to be an extraordinary source of inspiration during my three years at Ulster University, Magee. In my experience, I have witnessed numerous occasions in which Victoria has gone above and beyond her call of duty, to ensure students received the vital theoretical knowledge and essential practical experience necessary to succeed in the film industry.”

DR JOHN BUSTARD, Dept of Mgmt, Leadership & Marketing
What our students’ have said...

“His clear passion for digital marketing is contagious. His delivery of module content was both impressive and unrivalled. He used a mixed methods approach which incorporated both live online classes and pre-record tutorials. I felt we were inspired and encouraged by Dr Bustard’s positive attitude and efforts to discuss the technology and subject openly. Creativity and innovative thinking were encouraged and supported.”

What our students’ have said...

“I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to not only study at Ulster, but to have met and been educated by a fantastic body of staff who take such great care in their students and ensure the student learning experience is at the highest possible level. I thank each and every one of them for a spectacular experience here at Ulster and for making my time so memorable.”

DR TARANJIT SINGH RAI, School of Biomedical Sciences
What our students’ have said...

“Dr Taranjit Singh Rai is the most hard-working member of staff I have ever seen. The COVID-19 pandemic was a disaster, however, his experience helped both me and our postdoctoral staff in publishing at least 3 high impact factor publications.“

MARY COLE, Student Experience & Wellbeing
What our students’ have said...

“Mary Cole has been one of the most important and influential people in my journey as a student at Magee. Without Mary, I would not still be in university. The impact she had on my life is phenomenal.”

DR NIALL COMER, School of Arts & Humanities
What our students’ have said...

“Dr Comer demonstrates passion for the Irish language in ways that focus on contributing and enhancing student enthusiasm for the language. This stems from the confidence he has in the language to engage students in their studies if the importance of the language is explained correctly.”

What our students’ have said...

“Rosemary has consistently gone above and beyond for students. I could not speak any higher of her and her dedication to providing the highest quality student experience possible. Rosemary’s dedication to not only students’ learning but also her caring nature in the provision of pastoral support was essential during such a difficult period which was full of uncertainty.”

DAVID COYLES, Belfast School of Architecture & the Be
What our students’ have said...

“David spends the time to listen, and think critically, and when he speaks, he is very concise and the whole room listens. What makes him special is he has “empathetic intelligence”. David takes his wealth of knowledge and uses his empathy to relate that to you, your project, your situation, and always manages to give the best advice.”

DR AHMED ALBUELHANA, School of Pharm. & Pharmaceut. Sc
What our students’ have said...

“Dr Abuelhana deserves to be recognised for the amazing work he puts into his teaching, the support he provides to the student body and for consistently being dedicated to our learning and success. Overall, he inspires students to strive to achieve their best academically, professionally, and personally.”

RUTH MERCER, Business Engagement Unit
What our students’ have said...

“Ruth is an asset to Ulster University and someone who has influenced me personally. She switched on my learning and thirst for knowledge gene, one which was switched off a very long time ago! She is selfless in giving her time and energy to me and my colleagues who have had the pleasure of getting to know her.”

What our students’ have said...

“Hilary handled quite literally every issue; she was honestly fabulous and such a star to the class, resolving any issue so efficiently and enthusiastically - not only this year but throughout our whole three years at University. She is in regular communication with staff members within our department as well as our classmates, ensuring that all student’s voices are heard.”

DR CATHERINE O’HARA, Belfast School of Art
What our students’ have said...

“I have gained a myriad of insights and been gently guided, steered unwittingly and blinkered where necessary as I fell deep into the wonderful rabbit holes of research not tightly aligned to my PhD study objectives! A symbiotic relationship enfolded, a supervisor and mentor, tied together with a lasting friendship.”

What our students’ have said...

“The Special Recognition Award spotlights individuals or teams who have have worked with UUSU to build a positive partnership in a trusting and supportive relationship, sharing knowledge, skills and experience. They will have worked tirelessly to enhance or support the student educational experience.
This year UUSU acknowledges the dedication and professional expertise of the team from the Office of Digital Learning”

A huge congratulations to all of our winners and nominees you have made outstanding impact in your work that will stay with students throughout their personal and professional journey. 

UUSU would like to extend a big thank you to our Student Shortlisting panel. This panel consisted of School reps, Faculty reps, Student Officers and PhD researchers who helped shortlist candidates for the LTA Awards. With approximately 350 submissions this was no easy task! On the Shortlisting panel we had; Ciaran Chaney, Daniel Holmes, Isaac Krofa, Jennifer Martin, Kourosh Saadat, Lauren Moore, Leah Rae, Rachel Telford, Rebecca Allen, Robert Millar and Stacey Flynn