What is National Voice?

You as a member of UUSU ultimately are represented not by just us and our officer team but three further National Unions as part of a Trilateral agreement. You also have the opportunity to have your say at their national conferences which usually take place in second semester, find out more here(link to national conferences election and info page).

National Union of Students – UK (NUS)

NUS is a national union in operation since 1922, seeking to make national change for students, fighting to make education accessible for all and representing over 6m students throughout the UK. They are led by a National President and also has a officer team that they work with just like our very own Student Executive they have their own teams in Wales and Scotland as well as jointly supporting the team in Northern Ireland. To find out more nus.org.uk

National Union of Students – Union of Students in Ireland (NUS-USI)

Talking about NI, NUS-USI is your local national union, working across NI on your behalf, it is headed by a President who is elected every two years at NUS-USI Conference. NUS-USI leads engagements with our politicians and coordinates and supports Student Unions across NI not just within Higher Education but within Further Education colleges and our apprentices too. They also connect in to both NUS and USI and their president sits as part of the officer teams of both National Unions. Really importantly, They also lead campaigns on behalf of students such as on the cost of living, to find out more and to get involved

Union of Students in Ireland (USI)

USI is the Union of Students within Ireland representing over 374’000 students at the third level of education(HE) over the island of Ireland, it’s mission being to work for the rights of students and a fair and equal third level education system in Ireland. They run dozens of events every year for thousands of students, including Pink Training (the largest LGBTQ+ student training event in Europe), Women Lead and EMPOWER. They jointly support NUS-USI alongside NUS as part of that trilateral agreement as mentioned above.

If you have a query or need more information, please contact one of our Voice Team staff members listed below.


  • Mandy Mulholland
    Student Voice Manager
  • Mark Francos
    Governance & Policy Coordinator
  • Naomi Browne
    Academic Representation Coordinator