What is a policy?

A policy is simply a paper that has been brought through to Student Council and voted upon and it is what sets the direction for so much of what we do as a Students’ Union. We have policy on everything from Anti-Semitism and supporting your identity as an individual student to Free Education, right through to even policy on the food available on campus.

Once it is on our books, each policy is assigned to an officer who will then work on the policy until it is deemed complete. To find out more on who is assigned to each officer click on the description of each policy below!

How to bring forward a policy?

It’s really straightforward, first check out have your say where potential policies are brought to the general membership and if they reach 50 nods in favour they are debated by council. If you have an idea check out that page (Have your say) and also this handy explainer

All your resources that you need relating to your Student Council Policies.

If you have a query or need more information, please contact one of our Voice Team staff members listed below.


  • Mandy Mulholland
    Student Voice Manager
  • Mark Francos
    Governance & Policy Coordinator
  • Naomi Browne
    Academic Representation Coordinator